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  • A young woman sits listlessly on a bed.
  • A man with a moustache and his daughter stand in front of a landscape.

Theo Angelopoulos’


Monday, April 29

(1986) “Alienation and despair have so metastasized in the film's central figure that he's virtually one of the walking dead. Spyros, a man soured by a secret, incestuous love for his daughter, on the day of her wedding, gives up his position as a schoolteacher, his wife, his home and his city to take up again the profession of his father and grandfather before him traveling across Greece to the town in which he was born and first learned to tend the bees, following the traditional beekeeper's route, looking for flowers that will produce the best honey, a wanderer obsessed by his job…” – Theo Angelopoulos. 35mm print courtesy Harvard Film Archive. Approx. 122 min.

Part of Theo Angelopoulos’ Trilogy of Silence.


Film Forum