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 ♪ Live piano accompaniment by Steve Sterner

Japan, 1931
Directed by Yasujirō Ozu
Written by Komatsu Kitamura and Kôgo Noda
With Tokihiko Okada, Hideo Sugawara
Approx. 90 min. 35mm.

Educated salaryman Tokihiko Okada descends to sandwich board toter when he’s fired for a righteous protest, but is rescued by old classmates.


“Exquisite and economical, Ozu's film alternates between brilliantly mounted comic sequences and heartrending working-class realities”
– The Criterion Collection

“A new peak in Ozu’s work.”
– David Bordwell

“Ozu’s ‘darker side’ and mature style begin to emerge.”
– Donald Richie

“Its theme of parent-child conflict, the institutional settings of office and school, the low-angle frontal shots, and the cutaways to enigmatic still lifes mark TOKYO CHORUS as a blueprint for the masterpieces to come.”
– Ted Shen, Chicago Reader

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