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Wednesday, November 16

(2011, Francis Ford Coppola) Hitting a small town on a book tour, washed-up horror writer Val Kilmer gets drawn into a decades-old unsolved murder case by Sheriff Bruce Dern and ghostlike Elle Fanning. Coppola’s latest feature film combines vampires, Edgar Allan Poe and serial killers, with two extended 3-D sequences. DCP. Approx. 88 mins.


“[A] curiosity that may appeal to fans of both experimental cinema and Coppola’s courageous efforts to continue pushing the limits of his creativity 50 years on.”
– Indiewire

“Disarmingly cheeky, intermittently gorgeous. Its strongest element….is its set of surreal dream sequences, whose lush black-and-white with splashes of shimmering color recall early hand-painted cinema, as well as Coppola’s own Rumble Fish.”
– Variety

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