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  • Actor Burt Lancaster, looking very dusty, holds a gun.
  • Actor Burt Lancaster walks a horse, alongside a lieutenant played by Bruce Davison.
  • Actor Burt Lancaster holds a gun, standing in a field with his brown horse.



Wednesday, August 14

(1972, Robert Aldrich) Arizona, 1885, and a settler hears the sounds of the Apaches moving in on his remote cabin. And on the trails are veteran scout Lancaster, tracking Jorge Luke, and the inevitable fresh-faced lieutenant Bruce Davison. Savage depiction of both side’s cruelties. 35mm. Approx. 105 min.


“Above all, it is a movie that knows how cruel and demanding life could be on some of the American frontiers, not least the one where civilized ignorance confronted natural severity.”
– David Thomson

“One of Aldrich’s very finest films. It’s brutally but never gratuitously violent, laden with images of death and destruction, and far more than just an extraordinarily intelligent horse opera: the parallels with America’s involvement in Vietnam should be easy to see.”
– Geoff Andrew, Time Out (London)

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