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  • A man and woman slow dance together; she is several inches taller than him.
  • A man wearing a headdress with cowry shells sits on a rug in front of a thatched wall; briefcases are barely visible in the foreground.
  • A group of men and women slow dance together.



Saturday, May 25

(1974, Ousmane Sembène) The Curse. Fiftyish fat cat El Hadji Abdou Kader Beye enjoys a flourishing import business, two wives (traditional and Westernized), and a white Mercedes – and now he’s appointed to the Chamber of Commerce. Time to add that third wife; but on the wedding night he fails to rise to the occasion – could he be the victim of a xala? Savagely funny satire of the new post-independence ruling class that, despite government censorship, broke Senegalese box office records and hit its targets where they lived. 35mm print courtesy BFI and Janus Films. Approx. 123 min.


“The actors are wonderful, especially the women who play the first two wives – ladies of magisterial personality, social shrewdness and sexual pride. The wedding sequence makes the one in The Godfather look like a wedding party at McDonalds.”

 “A hilarious attack on the self-inflicted shame of Africans trying to be Europeans.”
– Scott Foundas