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Tuesday, February 2

(2007) DCP. Approx. 122 mins.


“A masterly tale of the good, the deranged and the doomed that inflects the raw violence of the west with a wry acknowledgement of the demise of codes of honour, this is frighteningly intelligent and imaginative.”
– Geoff Andrews, Time Out (London)

“A pitch-perfect thriller that delivers the pleasurable fear and suspense expected of the genre even as it sends its conventions to the shredder… The nightmare quality of the story and the bone-dry humour of the dialogue seem oddly complementary: somehow the Coens linger at the gallows cracking jokes without losing sympathy for the dead.”
– JM Tyree, Sight and Sound

“Their most emotionally and psychologically rich film to date”
– Jessica Winter, Cinema Scope

“As good a film as the Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan, have ever made, and they made Fargo. This movie is a masterful evocation of time, place, character, moral choices, immoral certainties, human nature and fate. Many of the scenes in ‘No Country for Old Men’ are so flawlessly constructed that you want them to simply continue, and yet they create an emotional suction drawing you to the next scene.”
– Roger Ebert

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