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Wednesday, April 5

(1967, Ken Loach) “I fell in the family way when I was eighteen and I got married – to a right bastard!” With her thieving husband in prison, Cockney mom Carol White tells her own story of an affair with big-hearted burglar Terence Stamp – who’d play the same character over 30 years later in Steven Soderbergh’s The Limey. DCP. Approx. 104 mins.


“Taking his cues from the French New Wave but adding an intimate, non-judgmental empathy all his own, Loach immerses us in the character of Joy [Carol White]. Poor Cow also offers a microcosm of working-class life, with Chris Menges’s restless camera winding through bustling streets and bombsites, smoky pubs and poky flats… A remarkable film, a time-capsule character study of great warmth and compassion.”
– Tom Huddleston, Time Out (London)