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Wednesday, July 2

(1960, Ronald Neame) Guinness’s vulgarly hearty up-from-the-ranks Major (”Possibly his most brilliant and moving characterization” – David Shipman) has taken his Scots regiment through the war, but, in peacetime, uptight martinet John Mills assumes command, and the power games begin. Approx. 106 min. 35mm.


“Engrossing clash of wills in peacetime Scottish Highland regiment as popular, easygoing Lt. Col. (Guinness) is replaced by stiff- necked martinet (Mills). Outstanding performances by both men, each in a role more naturally suited to the other! Impressive bagpipe-driven score by Malcolm Arnold.”
– Leonard Maltin

"Mr. Guinness, carrot-topped and commanding a delicious Scottish vocabulary and brogue, makes his characterization of the 'old boy' a beautifully rich and humored thing and a fascinating contrast to his colonel in The Bridge Over the River Kwai."
– Bosley Crowther, New York Times