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The current COVID-19 crisis is a developing situation. We are not selling tickets at this time, but we are hopeful that we will show all of these films in the near future, possibly at other dates than originally announced.

At 30, English filmmaker and editor Kevin Brownlow revolutionized film books with The Parade’s Gone By, a pathbreaking history of silent movies, soon followed by other important works. Collaborating first with the late David Gill, Brownlow then became the greatest of all cinema documentarians, his multi-award-winning work including the 13-part Hollywood and its “sequel,” Cinema Europe, along with unsurpassed profiles of Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd, Griffith, Garbo, Chaney, DeMille, et al. A passionate collector and restorer of lost silents — most famously, Abel Gance’s legendary epic Napoleon (see “Napoleon and Me” on May 11, below) — Brownlow, with partners Gill and Patrick Stanbury, has presented “Live Cinema” events featuring new orchestral scores composed and conducted by close collaborator Carl Davis. In 2010, Kevin Brownlow was given a Lifetime Achievement Academy Award for his “wise and devoted chronicling of the cinematic parade,” and, last year, TCM’s Robert Osborne Award, “for keeping classic films alive and thriving for generations to come.” This series includes films made by Mr. Brownlow, films he was instrumental in restoring, and films that have both influenced and inspired him. Selected screenings will be followed by excerpts from his documentaries (some co-directed with David Gill and others).

Presented with generous support from the Robert Jolin Osborne Trust. Additional support provided by the Ira M. Resnick Foundation.

Photo Credit: Adam Rose, Courtesy TCM

Films in this Series