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  • MARTY & JAY'S DOUBLE FEATURES opens Friday, August 16.


Through Thursday, September 5

4th Annual Festival of Summer Double Features

This year, we asked buddies and cinéphiles extraordinaires Martin Scorsese and Jay Cocks to come up with the double bills of their wildest dreams.

“When I was growing up, I almost always saw movies paired as double features. Sometimes the pairings made sense, sometimes you’d wonder why they were being shown together, but it was a great way to experience cinema—two films back-to-back start a dialogue, and they illuminate each other. That’s how Jay and I have been watching movies together for 50 years now, and we were excited to be able to program this series for Film Forum.”
– Martin Scorsese

“There was no method at all in choosing these double features, but maybe just a touch of madness. Marty and I grab time, whenever we can, to recharge by watching—often rewatching—movies for which we have a glancing affection or interest. Sometimes they reflect one another. Sometimes they rebound. We make no distinctions between classics and indulgences. School is out for these. Have fun. We do.”
– Jay Cocks (former film critic for TimeNewsweek, and Rolling Stone, and collaborator with Scorsese on the screenplays of The Age of InnocenceGangs of New York, and Silence.)

“These are not your grandmother’s double features. Not surprisingly, Marty and Jay have come up with some of the slyest, most outré and outlandish combos I’ve ever encountered. Very few of the connections are obvious at first glance – you actually have to go watch the two films together to figure them out for yourself, or to make connections of your own.”
– Bruce Goldstein, Film Forum’s Director of Repertory Programming

Films in this Series

Wednesday, August 21

Saturday, August 24

Saturday, August 24

Tuesday, August 27

Tuesday, August 27

Thursday, August 29

Friday, August 30

Saturday, August 31

Sunday, September 1

Tuesday, September 3

Thursday, September 5


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